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Ilsan Lake Park's Spectacular Musical Fountain


Ilsan Lake Park's Spectacular Musical Fountain

By Honnie

Ilsan Lake Park is a beautiful park about an hour west of Seoul. One of the highlights of the park is the Spectacular Musical Fountain that can be found in the far west end of the park. Its shows combine mesmerizing water with beautiful lights and music to thrill all those watching.

Ilsan Lake Park Spectacular Musical Fountain

Spectacular Musical Fountain

The highlight of this fountain is the show it puts on every night. However, the fountain runs quite regularly during the day, too. And indeed, it is a nice fountain in the day. But at night, the fountain takes on a whole new life. Hundreds of people gather around the fountain every night to watch the fountain's shows.

Water sprays 35 meters high in the air. The water constantly fades from one color to the next depending on the mood of the song currently playing. It is a breathtaking spectacle. And best of all, it is free!

If you find yourself in Ilsan, make it a point of visiting Lake Park in the evening to watch one of the fountain's shows.



6 Seconds of the Spectacular Musical Fountain



Month Day Time
April, May Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 8:00, 8:40
June Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 8:30, 9:10
July, August Tuesday - Friday
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
8:30, 9:10
September, October Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays 7:30, 8:10


Radius: 50 meters
Spray Height: 35 meters
Area: 51,700 meters2
Nozzles: 1,655

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More Information

Visit the Spectacular Musical Fountain website (only Korean)


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Posted on September 15, 2015

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