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B-Boy Dance Ring in Paju


B-Boy Dance Ring in Paju

By Honnie

Everyone needs a place to dance, right? Especially if the dancing is breakdancing.

Unjeong Health Park is Paju is a fantastic park. It is rather new and was build with the intention of attracting diversity of interests.

From its traditional soccer field and basketball court to its extreme skatepark and rock climbing walls, the park just about has it all.

It even has......a B-Boy Dance Ring.

Bboy dance ring

B-Boy Dance Ring in Paju

Yes, a B-Boy dance ring. And, honestly, why shouldn't it?

Nevermind the odds that is has probably never been used for anything close to a B-Boy dance session. That doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that it is there.

So here's to hoping that sometime in the near future there will be an epic B-Boy session that takes place in Unjeong Health Park

Hopefully, it will look something like this:


B-Boys - Parks

Posted on March 22, 2015