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Ilsan Lake Park Flower Festival


Ilsan Lake Park
Flower Festival
-International Horticulture Goyang Korea-

By Honnie

Do you like flowers? Do you like parks? Do you like a certain Korean (or non-Korean) named Park and want to take her or him on a date to see a lot of flowers? If so, then from April 24 to May 5 is your golden window of opportunity.

Every year, Ilsan Lake Park hosts an international flower festival. Actually, it used to be called the International Flower Festival, but since 2013, it has been called the International Horticulture Goyang Korea. Maybe the current name is more descriptive, but the former definitely sounds better.

As mentioned above, the flower exhibition is held at Lake Park. Although the park is free, tickets must be purchased to enter the exhibition. To be honest, if you are not into flowers, don't bother wasting your money. For those of you who love gardens and flower displays, there are a lot of gorgeous displays. It would be a ticket worth buying.

Even if you don't intend on buying a ticket and entering the exhibition, you should still consider heading to Ilsan Lake Park while the event is being held. First, the park is beautiful. Especially, this time of the year. Second, there are still quite a number of FREE things to see and do that are related to the exhibition. It is an exciting party.

Ilsan Lake Park Flower Festival

Ilsan Lake Park Flower Festival

The International Flower Festival, or International Horticulture Goyang Korea, gets crowded. Although there are several splendid displays perfect for photos, it is hard to get a good shot with no one else in the picture. If you go, consider arriving early. There will be fewer fellow amateur photographers to battle.

The Essentials

Dates: April 24 - May 10 (2015)

Times: 9:00 - 19:00 (Weekdays), 8:30 - 20:00 (Weekends and Holidays)

Place: Ilsan Lake Park, Goyang-si

How To Get There: Take subway Line 3 to Jeongbalsan Station. Turn immediate left after coming out of exit 2. Walk until you get to a pedestrian overpass. Cross the bridge and enjoy the flowers.

Price: 8,000 won (foreigner price!)

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Fountain in Ilsan

A fountain in the woods


Gorgeous flower beds

Waterfall at Flower Festival

Waterfall display


One of many stunning presentations


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Posted on April 25, 2015

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