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Inwangsan has a very distinct feel relative to other mountains in Seoul. Military surveillance posts, a fortress-like wall, mountain dwellers, views of major landmarks, and graffiti all contribute to the uniqueness of Inwangsan.

The Scouting Report

Standing at only 338 meters, Inwangsan is not too imposing regarding its elevation. It is high enough to provide great views in many directions, though.

Parts of Inwangsan sport a local arts scene. Some of the small villages flanking the mountain have great murals on various walls and doors. Too, because of its natural beauty, Suseong-dong Valley on Inwangsan was the inspiration for a very well-known artist during the Joseon Dynasty.

Other parts of Inwangsan sport a local sports scene. There is a park on the eastern face of the mountain that provides things like an archery range. What else could you want?

Inwangsan has served a major role in the defense of Seoul both in the past and today. Seoul Fortress Wall runs along its spine, and the military regularly patrols the mountain.

Seoul Fortress Wall on Inwangsan

Seoul City Wall---going down

Seoul Fortress Wall on Inwangsan

Seoul City Wall---going up


Hiking up Inwangsan - by Hana Chrisanty Jioe

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Extra Info

There are a number of "No-Photo" zones along the top of Inwangsan. The Korean military does not like you taking pictures of things they don't want you taking pictures of.


Check out the Inwangsan photo album for more pictures of Inwangsan.

Seoul Scout: Inwangsan

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Jongno-gu

From Line 3 - Gyeongbokgung Station (경복궁역):
-Exit 1 or 2

From Line 3 - Dongninmun Station(독닙문역):
-Exit 1, 2, or 3

From Line 3 - Muakje Station(무악재역):
-Exit 2

That's no problem though. Just keep heading in the direction of the mountain, and you will easily get there. It's not that hard.

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Originally posted January 11, 2014
Updated December 5, 2015

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