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Seoul Forest Park
서울 숲 공원


Seoul Forest Park
Open Spaces and Fields

New York City has Central Park and Seoul has Forest Park. Both parks provide incredible green spaces for heavily populated cities. Seoul Forest Park is definitely one of the finer parks you'll find in Seoul. It is especially great if you are looking for an expansive plot of land to spread out in.

The Scouting Report

Seoul has a population density of 45,000 per square mile. However, it doesn't feel like that when you are standing in the middle of Seoul's Forest Park. You would not think for one second that you are actually in the middle of one of the world's largest cities.


Grass. Lots of grass. The grass is green in the summer and brown in the winter.


  • Size matters. Especially when it comes to playing fields. Seoul Forest's open field is surely big enough to suit any need.
  • Seclusion (from the city): The wall of trees that surround the field create a very pleasant "forest-like" atmosphere.
  • There is plenty of shade to be found. Play under the sun, then rest under the trees.


  • It is popular. Lots of people come to enjoy the field.
  • It is quite a distance from the nearest subway station (500+ meters).
Seoul Forest Park

The park's got a big field

Extra Information

There are actually two open spaces, or fields, in Seoul Forest. The one described above is much larger and more popular. It is in the middle of the park. Near the butterfly garden (look for it on a map), there is smaller field. It is still big enough to support activities needing lots of space. There are even a few picnic tables under the trees on one side of the field.

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Photo Gallery

Check out the Seoul Forest photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Seongdong-gu, Seongsu-dong

From Bundang Line - Seoul Forest Station (서울숲역):
-Leave through exit 3. Turn right at the first intersection. The park will appear on your right. Look for a park map and follow the signs to the fields. The large field is in the middle of the park. The small field is near the butterfly garden.

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Originally posted June 7, 2015
Updated October 30, 2015

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