Bowling in Ilsan

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Bowling in Ilsan

Bowling in Ilsan

By Honnie
- June 18, 2016 -

You may wonder why The Seoul Stop has an entire posting about bowling in Ilsan. Well, the answer is simple. Sometimes, people want to bowl in Ilsan.

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Bowling in Ilsan is a thrill. Sometimes it's called "Bowling in Thrillsan".

Bowling in Ilsan is chill. Sometimes it's called "Bowling in Chillsan".

So where should you go when you want to bowl in Thrillsan Chillsan Ilsan?

Ilsan Bowling Alley

Ilsan Bowling Alley is a classic spot. There are no frills. This isn't "Frillsan". Bowling at Ilsan Bowling Alley is a straight up strike. The price isn't bad. The location isn't bad. The balls aren't bad....look!

Lake Bowling Alley

One thing Ilsan is known for is scenic Ilsan Lake Park. Lake Bowling Alley, despite its name, has little to do with the park. The bowling alley is about a 10-minute walk from the park. So, if you get sick of not picking up all those splits, take a walk down the street and enjoy the scenery at the park.

MK Bowling Center

Ilsan is home to the one and only...MK BOWLING CENTER!

MK Bowling Center is near Madu Station on Line 3. It has never even been said, "Bowling at MK Bowling Center is hands down the single most amazingly excellent thing to do in Ilsan." Who exactly never said that has been rumored to be a number of people...Ghandi...Choo Shin Soo...Queen Elizabeth II. You know, it doesn't really matter who never said it. The only thing that matters is that it is possibly true.

So What Have We Learned?

When in Ilsan, you should find a place to bowl. There are plenty of options. Just in case you don't find yourself in Ilsan, yet still want to bowl, check out these other alleys.

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