Pierrot Strike Bowling
(Gangnam, Seoul)

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"The bowling alley is the poor man's country club."

Pierrot Strike Bowling
(Gangnam, Seoul)

Pierrot Strike Bowling
(Gangnam, Seoul)

Information current as of July 08, 2016

Pierrot Strike is not just a bowling alley. It is a bowling alley on insane PEDs. Just like so much else in Gangnam, souped-up extravagance is merely par for the course. So, if you're looking for a little bit of bowling to complement your lavish evening, consider Pierrot Strike.

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The Scouting Report

Do not...REPEAT...DO NOT go to Pierrot Strike if you are serious about bowling. Pierrot Strike is a bowling alley for those of you that are not actually interested in bowling. It throws every conceivable distraction at you to take your mind off the bowling. Don't believe me? Just try focusing on picking up that nasty 9-10 split when huge screens showing models doing everything except bowling sit above each lane.

Hours of Operation

6:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. (every day)


5,000 won per game

1,500 won for shoes

Things To Do At Pierrot Strike Besides Bowl

  • Foosball? Check.
  • Pool? Check.
  • Air Hockey? Check.
  • Eat? Check
  • Drink? Check
  • Fart? That's up to the company you're with.


Scenes from the illustrious Pierrot Strike Bowling Alley in Seoul.

To see more photos, check out the 'Pierrot Strike' photo album.

Other Information

Pierrot Strike is quite spacious. There is plenty to do while you are waiting for a lane to open up. Darts, air-hockey, and pool are all here. Or, if you prefer to eat and drink at one of the many tables, that is fine, too.

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Phone: 02-6007-8889

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Gangnam-gu, Cheongdam-dong

From Bundang Line - Apgujeong Rodeo Station (압구정로데오역):

  • Exit 4.
  • Walk straight for about 200 meters.
  • Look for Pierrot Strike on your left.

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