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"A little two-handed touch football -- that's enough for me right now."
- Greg Paulus -

Sogang University
Fields / Open Spaces

Sogang University
Fields / Open Spaces

Information current as of September 29, 2016

Sogang University is one of South Korea's leading schools of higher learning. It is a fine school located near the exciting hotspot of Sinchon. Near the center of the campus, there is a small open space with an artificial turf surface that is perfect for low-key athletic endeavors.

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The Scouting Report

Sogang University offers a great open field. Although it is mostly used for miniature soccer, it is ideal for a variety of games. Also, it is big enough to accommodate two events simultaneously. There are not many open fields in Seoul, and this one is a gem.


It is artificial turf and well maintained. Overall, it is a great place to play on.

There is a single line that runs around the perimeter of the field that can be used as a boundary marker. Aside from that and the "Sogang University" lettering, the field is void of any other markings.


  • It is not humongous, but it is big enough to accommodate multiple activities at once.
  • The lack of structure (lines, goals, etc.) should be treated as a bonus. You can play ultimate frisbee, gaelic football, football, soccer, or even futsal. The possibilities are endless...except for pool would probably be difficult to play water polo.
  • The field has good lighting.


  • University students rightfully have priority. Unless you want to pay tuition, step aside.
  • The "foul" territory is quite narrow. There is not much space between the sideline and concrete. Play accordingly.

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Extra Information

Sinchon and Hongdae, two areas perfect for post-game cool downs, are very close by. If Itaewon is more your speed for a post-game cool down, it is conveniently located just a few stops down the nearby line 6.

Photo Gallery

To see more photos of Sogang University's open space, check out The Seoul Stop's photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Sinsu-dong 1

From Line 6 - Daehung Station (대흥역):

  1. Use exit 1.
  2. Walk straight for about 10 minutes.
  3. Look for Sogang University on your right.
  4. Walk into campus through the main gate. You should see a map of the campus near the parking attendant's office.
  5. Look for the field that is located right in the middle of the campus.
  6. Go there.
  7. Play.

From line 2 - Sinchon Station (신촌역):

  1. Use exit 6.
  2. Walk straight for about 8 minutes.
  3. Look for Sogang University on your left.
  4. Follow the directions above starting with step 4.

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