West Seoul Lake Park

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West Seoul Lake Park
Fields / Open Spaces

West Seoul Lake Park
Fields / Open Spaces

Information current as of August 04, 2016

You would be forgiven for thinking at first that this park has nothing to offer in the way of an open space to play sports in. West Seoul Lake Park actually has a great open space. It is not a nice field. Quite the opposite. It is an un-manicured plot of dirt and gravel. Nonetheless, it has certain qualities about it that make it a perfect spot depending on what you are looking for.

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The Scouting Report

When you visit West Seoul Lake Park, venture uphill as far as you can. If you follow the right paths, you'll find a seemingly abandoned soccer field. It's true, this field isn't in great shape, but its abandoned feel is what makes it so appealing.


Mainly dirt and gravel. Grass is encroaching around the edges because the area is not regularly manicured.


  • It is isolated and therefore rarely used. There should never be a problem having to share the field with other groups.
  • Its isolation is part of its charm. Once you get there, you have a feeling of accomplishment. It feels as though you own the field.
  • There is plenty of shade.


  • The surface is rough. It is not maintained at all.
  • It is a long trek from the nearest subway station.
  • It is still quite a trek from the park entrance.

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Extra Information

The field doubles as a soccer field. There are in fact soccer goals at either end facing each other. However, it is still a perfect place to play even if you're not playing soccer.

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How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yangcheon-gu, Shinweoul-dong

From Lines 2 & 5 - Kkachisan Station (까치산역):

  1. Go out exit 4.
  2. Take Bus 653 from the nearby bus stop. Ride the bus to West Seoul Lake Park stop. It will take approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Walk in the same direction as the traffic on your side of the street.
  4. Veer to the right along the first street you come to.
  5. Look for West Seoul Lake Park on your right.
  6. Enter the park and continue to walk uphill.
  7. There is a small mountain with hiking trails at the back of the park. The open space is at the top of the mountain.
  8. Find a trail leading up the mountain and merely keep going up.

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