Yuldong Park

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Yuldong Park
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Yuldong Park
Fields / Open Spaces

Information current as of August 04, 2016

Yuldong Park is an excellent recreational area surrounded by hills and consisting mostly of a lake. With these geographical elements, it one would think it is a bit hard to also include any sort of open space. However, those looking for an open field near Bundang are in luck. It may be a small field, but it is a field nonetheless---perfect for small-scale sports and/or a nice pleasant picnic.

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Yuldong Park in Bundang does not bill itself as a place in which you can spread out and have lots of room to yourself. That is not the primary reason you should visit this wonderfully scenic park. However, at one end of the park's lake, there is a small grassy field that does provide just that thing for those visitors who insist on enjoying open space in a confined park. So while this plot of land is suitable for enjoying a bit of space, it is not ideal.

One thing this park does have is a relatively large paved area. The paved area is adjacent to the grassy field. The two spots together make for a popular place to relax and have fun--especially for the younger ones. The grassy field provides a place to run around without worrying about falling down and getting hurt. The pavement provides a place to ride bicycles, which can be rented from across the street.


The grassy field is comprised of grass. The paved area is comprised of concrete. Go figure.


  • Beautiful setting. Surrounded by hills and a lake.
  • 100% natural grass.
  • 100% pavement.
  • Paradoxes abound here.
  • Near facilities such as restrooms and drinking fountains.


  • During the summer, it is popular and crowded.
  • Not much room for throwing a ball around and running around if there are many people.

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Extra Information

Yuldong Park is a very popular location for bungee jumping. The bungee jumping tower in the park is a good place to make your first jump if you've never tried relying on a rubber band to save your life before.

Photo Gallery

Check out the Yuldong Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.

See more of Yuldong Park at Seoul Scout: Yuldong Park.

How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam-si, Bundang-gu, Bundang-dong and Yul-dong

From Bundang Line - Seohyeon Station (서현역):

  1. Use exit 2.
  2. Take any of the following buses to Yuldong Park: 33, 15, 17, 17-1.
  3. The field is near the northern end of the lake. Use a map to locate the northern end.

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