Gangseo Hangang Park

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"One touch of nature makes the whole world kin."
- William Shakespeare -

Gangseo Hangang Park

Gangseo Hangang Park

Information current as of August 15, 2016

Gangseo Hangang Park is the least developed of the Hangang Parks. It is located along the southern banks of the Han River near the border of Seoul and Gimpo. While it is quite a pleasant park, do not come expecting to find a lot to do. The options are quite limited. Gangseo Hangang Park's main draw is its focus on nature. Sometimes an escape from the city is exactly what you want in a park, though.

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As previously mentioned, Gangseo Hangang Park is all about nature. If you want infrastructure, look at one of its Hangang Park kin. Gangseo Hangang Park wants none of that. It wants to provide an all natural experience.


There is a bike rental station that rents out bikes for a reasonable fee. Single bikes cost 3,000 won per hour, and tandem bikes cost 6,000 won per hour. The park itself does not have many places to bike, but the bike paths extend beyond the park. If you leave the park, the biking opportunities are quite extensive.

Scenic Walking Paths

There is a well-marked trail, the Gangseo Trail, that leads through the park's major areas. At several points along the trail, there are excellent views of Banghwa Bridge.

The network of trails leads through a number of small nature preserves. Considering the location of this park, it has a wealth of nature to offer.

Picnic Grounds

One of the unique things about this park when compared to the other parks along the Han River is the picnic area. It is set up more like a camping ground. Spots for tents are available with picnic tables nearby. Bring your tent and cooking-out gear, and spend some time day-camping along the Han River.

Sports And Recreation In The Park

  • Bicycle Paths
  • Picnic Zone
  • Walking/Running Path

Extra Information

There is only one convenience store in the park, and it is not big. As the park is rather isolated, be sure to bring any supplies you will need if you plan on spending the day there.

The park is quite close to a major freeway. The noise from the traffic can be a bit of a nuisance.


Check out the Gangseo Hangang Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Gangseo-gu, Banghwa-dong

From Lines 5 - Banghwa Station (방화역):

  1. Do your best.*

*Banghwa Station is the closest station, but that doesn't mean it is the ideal way in which to reach the park. You'd be much better off going to the park via car or bicycle.

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