Hyochang Park

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Hyochang Park

Hyochang Park

Information current as of August 17, 2016

Beside Hyochang Stadium sits Hyochang Park. Members of the Korean royal family used to be buried at this site. In 1940, the then-ruling Japanese decided to start converting the 'cemetery' into a park. After independence, Korean revolutionary members were also buried at the park. Along with the well-maintained tombs and shrines, the park also offers excellent walking trails, picnic areas, and sports facilities.

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The Scouting Report

Hyochang Park doesn't get much attention. It sits in an older part of the city and doesn't receive a lot of upkeep. However, it has plenty to offer. Walking trails, badminton courts, basketball courts, etc. Good stuff!

Get Out And Stretch Your Legs

The walking trails are quite pleasant. There are three walking trails, and they all differ by length. Red, yellow, or blue? Choose wisely!


Benches are scattered throughout the park. Don't be afraid to sit down and use one. It is a big park!

And why are you reading about the benches at Hyochang Park? Huh?


Are the kids getting a little restless? Well, bring them down to the playground. There is room for all!


Do you want to borrow a book? Would you like to make a phone call? Do you need some shelter? Would you like to get the blood flowing? If you answered yes to all those questions, then Hyochang Park is the place for you.

Sports Facilities

Extra Information

Look out for a few patriotic Koreans that enjoy singing traditional songs.

There are a few cafes and convenience stores near the park. Ergo, there is no need to pack a lunch.




Check out the Hyochang Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.


Hyochang Golf Club

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yongsan-gu, Hyochang-dong

From Line 6 - Hyochang Park Station (효창공원앞역):

  1. Walk out of exit 1.
  2. Make a u-turn and take your first left.
  3. Walk straight for 480 meters.
  4. Look for Hyochang Stadium. The park is beside the stadium.

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