Pyeongchon Central Park

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Pyeongcheon Central Park

Pyeongchon Central Park

Information current as of August 23, 2016

Don't let Anyang's reputation fool you. It is commonly known as being merely an industrial city or a commuter city. They say it lacks character and has nothing to offer other than the basic bare necessities. Well, I guess "they" haven't been to Pyeongchon Central Park. How could you deny that the city doesn't have anything unique to offer after you see the 45-degree tilted teahouse standing in the park!? And what's up with the erotic sculpture in the park!?

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The Scouting Report

One thing has to be said about Pyeongchon Park. It is undeniably about function. The landscaping is nice, but it isn't going to knock your socks off. The park is laid out in a very practical manner. Each corner of the rectangular park houses a particular sports facility---tennis, badminton, soccer field, etc. In the center is a very large plaza which commonly is used to host various festivals when the weather is nice.

Although the contour of the land is rather boring, the designers did decorate the park as best as could be expected. Scattered around the park, you will find an amusing assortment of art. From an erotic sculpture to a leaning house to a clock ball, the myriad displays will entertain anyone taking a stroll through this Anyang park.


Unexpectedly, Pyeongchon Park is a fine place to receive a little cultured learning. A tilted tea house and a piece called "Time Keeper" highlight the many pieces of art that can be found in the park.

Be careful, kids! Some of the art is a little risque! Those offended by upper-body nudity would be well-served to stay away from one certain section of the park.

Seriously, though, the park does display an interesting collection of sculptures. If you decide to visit the park, take time to explore and see them all. It shouldn't take long. The park isn't that big.


Soccer. Tennis. Badminton. Basketball. This park offers a good helping of the more traditional sports. It even has a little to offer the young ones looking for that "extreme" element to their athletics. The X-Games park has a few small ramps that are fun, but they are not going to impress the more hardcore skaters and riders.

One of the great things about this park is the availability of all the facilities. Save for when particular groups or clubs have courts/fields/etc. reserved, the entire park is free to use for anyone. You do not need to make reservations or pay to use any of the facilities. This is a welcome difference from many of the parks found in Seoul. Way to go, Anyang-si!

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Other Information

Every summer the "Summer" festival takes place in the park. Keeping with the seasons, every fall the "Fall" festival takes place.

The street directly north of the park is closed to traffic every Saturday. A flea market takes place which is a popular event for the locals.

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How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Anyang-si, Dongan-gu, Pyeongchon-dong

From Line 4 - Beomgye Station (범계역):

  1. Use exit 4.
  2. Walk straight for 80 meters.
  3. Turn left at the second street.
  4. Walk for about 400 meters.
  5. Look for the park on your right.
  6. Check your bag to make sure you brought your game (if you plan on playing basketball).

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