Sogang University

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"I'm attracted to soccer's capacity for beauty. When well played, the game is a dance with a ball."
- Eduardo Galeano -

Sogang University

Sogang University

Information current as of September 21, 2016

Sogang University is a Catholic University just south of Sinchon Station. Its convenient location and decent athletic facilities make it an easy choice when looking for a place to get a bit of exercise. There is a very nice soccer field in the middle of campus that is perfect for casual games with friends.

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The Scouting Report

Sogang University offers a great soccer field. Located in the middle of the school's campus, it is surrounded by campus buildings. The field is well maintained. It is just an all-around great place to play some soccer (or football).

Soccer in Seoul! Football in Seoul! Big field! Big goals! Big dreams!


If you play here, you'd better not mind playing on artificial turf. If you've got reservations, don't fret too much. It is well maintained so it is great to play on. Just make sure you bring your cleats (or spikes (or boots)).


  • It is a full-sized field. There is plenty of room to play here.
  • Flood lights spread around the field provide excellent lighting at night.
  • If you're coming with a crowd, there is plenty of seating along the sidelines and on top of nearby buildings.


  • Whether this point belongs in the "Cons" or "Pros" is entirely dependent upon your perspective: As the courts are on a university campus, the students always get priority.

Extra Information

Both Sinchon and Hongdae are close by. Itaewon is just a few stops away on the nearby Line 6. Lots of options!



To see more photos, check out the Sogang University soccer photo album.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Sinsu-dong 1

From Line 6 - Daehung Station (대흥역):

  1. Go out exit 1.
  2. Walk straight for about 10 minutes.
  3. Look for Sogang University on your right.
  4. Go in through the main gate. Look for a map near the parking attendant's office.
  5. Find the soccer field on the map and go to it. It is near the basketball courts.

From Line 2 - Sinchon Station (신촌역):

  1. Use exit 6.
  2. Walk straight for about 8 minutes.
  3. Look for Sogang University on your left.
  4. Pick up from step 4 listed above.

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