West Seoul Lake Park

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"I really want to try soccer after I retire because I've watched football over the years and I think I could be a good contender."
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West Seoul Lake Park

West Seoul Lake Park

Information current as of September 23, 2016

West Seoul Lake Park is a sweet park. It truly is. Most visitors don't know about the "soccer" field that can be found in the park. But you aren't "most visitors".

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The Scouting Report

Are you looking for a place to play soccer in Seoul? While there are several soccer fields in Seoul, it is sometimes hard to find a soccer field you can actually play on. That's where West Seoul Lake Park comes into play. Hidden away at the top of the small mountain in the park, there is a derelict athletic field that almost guarantees you field time.

Granted, playing here will not give you the same thrill as playing on a nicely manicured grass lawn; however, there are certain other charms that the place provides.


Dirt. A little gravel. Mainly dirt. Grass is encroaching from the sides.


  • It should be no problem getting field time here.
  • There is a lot of shade nearby.
  • The park is actually quite scenic.


  • It is not anywhere close to a subway station.
  • Even once you get to the park, it is still a bit of a trek up to the soccer field.
  • The surface is not great. It's a bona fide sandlot.

Extra Information

If you don't have the numbers to play a game with goalies, there are miniature goals on site. These allow for a still competitive game without using a goalie.



Check out the West Seoul Lake Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yangcheon-gu, Shinweoul-dong

From Lines 2 & 5 - Kkachisan Station (까치산역):

  1. Go out exit 4.
  2. Take Bus 653 from the nearby bus stop.
  3. Ride the bus to West Seoul Lake Park stop. The ride will take approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Get off the bus and walk in the same direction as the traffic on your side of the street.
  5. Veer to the right along the first street you come to.
  6. Look for West Seoul Lake Park on your right.
  7. Once you get to the park, walk uphill. Keep walking uphill. Start hiking uphill. The athletic field is at the top of the mountain in the back of the park.

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