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Trips From Seoul

Trips From Seoul

Information current as of May 27, 2016

The Tourism Board has aptly named Gangchon, 'Lovely Gangchon'. Let me tell you something folks, it really is lovely. Scenic views, underrated ATV trails, paintballing, and mountains always in the backdrop--they all make for an excellent weekend getaway for Seoulites. If you are worried about booking activities, there is an English-friendly pension that will take care of the booking for you.

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The Reasons To Go

Proximity, nature, and outdoor activities are your reasons. You can take the subway to Gangchon. The air is fresh and the views are scenic. If you need something to do, there are multiple outdoor activities that are reasonably priced.

ATV/Quad Bikes

IF you walk down Gangchon's sparse main strip, you will find ATVs or quad-bikes zipping around. This is not without reason. Gangchon has some great off-road ATV trails. You can ride along a lake, over rocks and sand, and through short, tree-lined paths. For most foreigners, a guide does accompany you, which helps, as the guide knows where the paths are. A Korean diver's license is not needed. Just be ready to submit your ARC number or passport information.

Other Attractions

In Korea, they also call it Survivor. In Gangchon, there is a small paintball course. The staff is super friendly and very funny. The great thing is that you can play with your own group; no outsiders will be involved.

This is the weakest aspect of Gangchon. Their go-karting course is essentially an oval. The design team must've been sleeping when they made it. If you're desperate to go-kart, then it may serve your purpose. The Seoul Stop recommends you save your money or spend it on additional time ATVing.

After Gangchon Station was built, the old railroad line was converted into a rail-bike. You essentially pedal on the old railroad line and take in the scenery of Bukhan River. The rail-biking is also available at two other stations. The rail-bike at Gimyujeong Station (one station away) has received better reviews.

Bungee Jumping
Gangchon also offers a bungee jumping site. The site is about a fifteen-minute walk from the main strip. If you like jumps where you are jumping over water, then this jump is well-suited for you.

How To Get There

Destination: Gangchon Station (ITX)
- Go to Seoul Station and take the ITX to Gangchon Station. There is an hourly express train. There are also multiple normal trains every hour. The normal train takes about 2 hours. Once you exit Gangchon station, walk downhill and take a right. You will find yourself on Gangchon's main strip.

Where To Sleep

Holiday Pension - This is a great place for foreigners who are worried about booking activities. The rooms are clean and affordable. The staff also speaks okay English. Their website doesn't offer much information apart from pictures.

Holiday Pension's phone number is 010-7570-5611. When calling and asking about paintballing, you need to call it 'Survivor'. But do not worry about booking the activities beforehand; you can book them once you arrive.

Once great thing about Holiday Pension is that they will pick you up from Gangchon Station. A room usually costs 20,000 won per person; though the rate also may vary depending on the day.


If you want to hit up the town, then you could head over to Chuncheon, which is three stops away. Chuncheon is known for their dakgalbi (pan-fried chicken) and has a decent nightlife.

If you want to truly know where the locals go for a night out on the town, find these people seen below. They are dope-down-with-it!

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Photo Gallery

See the Gangcheon Photo Album to see more pictures of the area.

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