Sindo, Sido, and Modo

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Sindo, Sido, And Modo
Trips From Seoul

Trips From Seoul

Information current as of October 07, 2016

Incheon’s islands are underrated and understated. Muiido has been a Seoul Stop favorite for years. In due time, the Sindo/Sido/Modo trifecta just might take its place alongside Muiido. Sindo, Sido, and Modo are full of things to do. They offer cycling, camping, tranquility, boating, beaches, and a little swimming.

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The Reason To Go

Although Sindo, Sido, and Modo are three separate islands, they are all connected by bridges. Sindo is where the port is located. Sido is in the middle and has the best beach. Modo is the quietest and smallest island. The islands vary in size, but all three are not particularly large. The islands are also mostly flat. The size and terrain of the islands make them ideal for biking.

Sido and Sindo have pleasant beaches. Sido is home to the main beach, Sugi Beach. This beach is also home to a newly built hotel. Many travelers who visit this beach set up camp right near the sea. If you are feeling a little adventurous, then you could find a more obscure beach on Sindo and set up camp there. There is one thing to keep in mind: Sido has more barnacles than Sindo.


The terrain and lack of cars mean you should rent bicycles and take in the pleasant scenery. Bicycles are easy to rent. Right when you get off the ferry, head down the main road and there will be multiple bicycle rental shops. The first one will be at the bottom of a coffee shop on your right-hand side. The other two will be further down the road on your left. The bicycles are affordable and you can negotiate if you have a larger group. The first bicycle rental (near the coffee shop) has the best bikes.

For the most part, traffic is non-existent. Although the terrain is mostly flat, there are still a few hills with a gradual incline. All three islands offer similar scenery but each island has its own peculiarities. If you’re lucky you will also be able to see some animals. A few will be wild (e.g. cranes) while others will be domesticated (e.g. turkeys and chickens).

Other Attractions


Sugi Beach is a popular destination for camping. You will see a variety of campers. There are traditional campers (tent and campfire) and there are glampers (glamor camping). Sugi Beach has a wash station specifically designed for campers. There is also a CU and local mart close to the beach. You will have to bring your own meat as there is no true grocery store on the island. If you are looking to buy charcoal, buy it from the local mart before 7 p.m. It closes early.

Swimming / Watersports

The prevalence of beaches means there is water. The swimming at Sugi Beach is good for novices as the water is mostly shallow. Sugi Beach is popular with families and kids. They rent out tubes. Sugi Beach also rents out boats. Sido has beaches that are better suited for advanced swimmers. The beaches on Sido are rougher. There aren’t too many public facilities. Keep in mind that there are barnacles on all islands. Traverse carefully. Also, the timing of your swimming is subject to the tide. The tide could be a blessing as it allows for mud-flap walking. Once again, watch out for the barnacles.

How To Get There

Take the airport line and get off at Unseo Station. There is only one exit. Take a taxi to Samnok Ferry (삼녹 선촉장). The taxi will cost around 5,500 won. Once you are at the ferry, head to the ticket office. There are ferries every hour. Buy a ticket for Shindo (신도). The ticket will cost 2,000 won.

While you are on the ferry, make sure you have a bag of chips or crisps. Try holding a crisp or chip in your hand. One of the seagulls will zoom by and snatch right out of your hand. Don’t be scared; they are quite accurate.

Where To Sleep

Many people that do come to Sindo, ultimately end up sleeping on Sido, which is the middle island. They will usually camp on Sugi Beach. If you are with a family, there is a family oriented pension/hotel on Sugi Beach.

Where To Eat And Drink

There are a few basic restaurants on each island. There is one galbi (Korean bbq) restaurant. All the other restaurants are seafood oriented. There are also a few cafes.

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See the Sindo, Sido, and Modo photo album to see more pictures of the area.

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