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Trips From Seoul

Trips From Seoul

Information current as of May 25, 2016

To the east of Seoul lies Yangpyeong. It is a small city that lies on the land between the North Han River and South Han River at their confluence. Its advantage is its proximity to Seoul. It is a popular day trip for Seoul residents looking for a respite from the busy city life.

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The Reason To Go

Yangpyeong has some great biking trails. Many Seoulites will bring their bikes and jump on its trails which go on for kilometers. For those who are a little more adventurous, you could even bike all the way to Yangpyeong from Seoul using the 4 Rivers network of trails.

If you are without a bike, you can rent bikes outside of Yangsu Station, exit 2.

Bike Rental Rates

Durations Cost
1 Hour 3,000 won
2 Hours 5,000 won
Day Rental (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) 15,000 won

Other Interests

If you are looking to relax, Semiwon Garden is a park and nature reserve where you can walk along its scenic trails. Many visitors bring food and mats and have picnics. It is also a popular place to take photos. Admission is 2,000 won.

Close to Semiwon Garden is Yangpyeong's city center. It is relatively small. Of note is the farmer's market that takes place on the weekends. It has some fresh food and local delicacies.

How To Get There

Subway: Yangsu Station (Jungang Line). Use exit 2 if you wish to rent bikes. Exit 1 will lead you towards the city center. Use exit 0 if you wish to go nowhere.

Where To Sleep

Yangpyeong doesn't have an abundance of motels. Its main motel is Dongnamjang (동남장) Motel. It is fairly priced at 40,000 won per night. The rooms are not luxurious, but they are clean. Dongnamjang Motel is located close to the farmer's market.

There are a few pensions close to Yangsu Station, but they can be pricey (average price is 100,000 won per night). If you are arriving with a family, the pensions may be a better option. Keep in mind that they are further from the city center.

Where To Eat & Drink

Yangpyeong has some standard local Korean restaurants. A few of the Korean options include pan-fried chicken (닭갈비), barley rice with side dishes (보리밥), cold noodles (냉면), kimbab (김밥), and grilled meat served with various side dishes (쌈밥). If you are looking for foreign fare, there is an Italian restaurant.

Yangpyeong doesn't have much of a nightlife. Things shut down pretty early. A few restaurants stay open till late and there are some Korean style bars (HOFs).

Hidden Gems

The farmer's market is a nice surprise. You can buy some hangwa (한과), a Korean style cookie. They are freshly baked and loved by locals with a sweet tooth. You can also purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables and homemade dried fruits. There are also various specialty items, an example being fresh turmeric.

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Photo Gallery

See the Yangpyeong Photo Album to see more pictures of the area.

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