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Danggogae Park


Danggogae Park



Danggogae Park
당고개 공원


Danggogae Park

Over in north Seoul, one can find Danggogae Park. Not only does it provide access to Surak Mountain (Suraksan), but it also houses some top-notch sports facilities. Considering the park is in a relatively dense area, it is surprisingly sprawled out. There is room for quite a few visitors, all the while being able to provide a sense of privacy through its many walking trails.

The Scouting Report

Basketball? Check. Badminton? Check. Climbing wall? Check. Access to hiking on a mountain? Check. Danggogae Park sounds like a good place, right?

Danggogae Park is not flashy, but it has plenty to offer. Take a look. Try it out.

Danggogae Park

The walking trails found in Danggogae Park are very relaxing.

Space to Race

The main area offers a large concrete open space. It's a great place for kids to burn some energy while running around or riding their bikes.

Kids playing in Danggogae Park

All the kids be like, "Mom, Dad! I want to play in Danggogae Park!"


A walking trail can be found around the edge of the park. There are actually multiple paths. Some lead to Suraksan, while other lead to a stage and a pagoda.

Danggogae Park

Take time to stroll along the delightful paths.

Climbing Wall

The rock climbing wall is the main feature of Danggogae Park. It's tall, wide, and a true crowd pleaser. If climbing isn't your thing, there are also multiple badminton and basketball courts.

Climbing wall at Danggogae Park

Danggogae Park. Climb here often?


Exercise machines are scattered throughout the park. There is a children's playground for children. If you're an adult, you'll have to go to Las Vegas for your playground.

Surprisingly, there is a small area for simple gymnastics exercises. There are a few balance beams as well as gymnastics rings. Use them freely, but use them safely.

Danggogae Park

Rings. What more could you want?

Things to Do

Cool Down

There are drinking fountains and bathrooms on site. The park office is also open during the day.

Convenience stores and restaurants are nearby.

Nearby Mountain



Check out the Danggogae Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.



How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Nowon-gu, Sanggye-dong

From Line 4 - Danggogae Station (당고개역):
-Walk out of exit 3. Walk straight for 80 meters and the park will be on your right.

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Originally posted May 12, 2015
Updated December 15, 2015

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