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Parc de Paris
파리 공원


Parc de Paris

Parc do Paris: a small, thin, slice of Paris in southwest Seoul. It is a French-themed park that is in the middle of a typical Seoul neighborhood. In all actuality, the French theme is only somewhat evident, but the park is indeed worth a look, especially if you live in the area.

The Scouting Report

Parc de Paris is surrounded by apartment complexes and as a result, feels a bit dense and congested. However, there is just enough space that allows for visitors to enjoy a small reprieve from the urban neighborhoods encircling the park.

This park is unique in that it carries somewhat of a French theme. A few of the more iconic Parisian landmarks can be found in miniature versions in the park.

The Fountain

In the summer, a small man-made pond in the middle of the park offers a pleasant fountain show. It is a popular place to gather in the evening for the locals.

Parc de Paris

Meet your friends at the fountain.

Walking Paths

There are small walking trails that go around the edge of the park. Planners have done their best to make the trails as 'green' as possible. Considering that they run parallel with the street, said planners have expertly used landscaping to block views of the road.

Parc de Paris

Take a walk through the park.

Pump Iron

If you're looking to pump some iron or get the blood flowing, there are weights and exercise machines scattered all over the park.

Parc de Paris

Europeans know bodybuilding. You should, too.

Benches - Gaming

There are benches all around the park. There are some indoor benches in the park office.

Parc de Paris

Feel free to play baduk at the park. But then pay up after you lose.

Parisian Landmarks

Have you always wanted to see the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower but never had the time? Well, here's your chance. Parc de Paris is your ticket to life in Paris.

Parc de Paris Eiffel Tower

Thought the tower was more towering?

Parc de Paris Arc de Triumph

Thought the arc was more triumphant?

Things to Do

  • Basketball
  • European Travel
  • Exercise Machines
  • Weightlifting

Extra Info

Parc de Paris is in Mokdong which has an underrated restaurant and nightlife scene. Head on over to Mokdong station and do a little exploring of the area.

Photo Gallery

To see more photos, check out the Parc de Paris photo album.

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How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yangcheon-gu, Mok-5-dong

From Line 5 - Omokgyo Station (오목교역):
-Come out exit 2 and walk straight for 20 meters until you reach a four-way intersection. Take a left.
-Walk about 40 meters until you see a street (Mokdongseo-ro) to your right. Cross the road and walk down this street.
-Walk down this street for 920 meters. Parc de Paris will appear on your right.

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Originally posted January 10, 2015
Updated December 20, 2015

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