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Seoul Forest Park
서울 숲 공원


Seoul Forest Park

Seoul Forest is Seoul's equivalent to New York City's Central Park. It is a huge park in the middle of a huge city. Just how big is it? Seoul Forest occupies over 280 acres! It is a popular destination for the residents of Seoul as it provides a great escape from the congestion and hectic lifestyle of the city.

The Scouting Report

Seoul Forest Park is huge. It has a lot to offer. Everyone from children wanting to run around to couples seeking romantic walks to the more sports-minded athletes can enjoy this park. It appeals to all.

To get just a taste of the size and scope of Seoul Forest Park, see the following excerpt taken from the City of Seoul's website.

Seoul Forest Park has...

"Seoul Forest Plaza (Horse Statues), Splash Fountain, Skate Park, Family Yard, Outdoor Theater, Forest Glade, Children's Woodland Playground, Water Playground, Waterside Lounge, Waterside Shelter, Forest Path, Sports Park, Ttukseom Eco Forest, Hill of Wind, Gallery Garden, Insect Garden, Special Events Area, Eco Learning Center, Environmental Playground, Open Air Nature Awareness School, Bird Observatory, Marsh Plants Garden, Hangang Riverside Park, Children's Library, Mirror Lake, Sculpture Park, Philosopher's Path, Disabled-friendly Playground, Seoul Forest Bridge, Seoul Forest Tunnel, Forest Keeper's Forest, Observation Deck, Waterfall, Footbridge, Deer Corral"

City of Seoul

But why is it called Seoul Forest?

"A total of 420,000 trees of 104 different kinds were transplanted here; to emphasize the eco-friendly image of the forest. The trees were about 20 meters tall and 30 to 40 centimeters in diameter. Oak, hornbeam and cherry trees are most common here, most of which are of Korean origin."

City of Seoul

If it's not obvious, Seoul has poured a lot of resources into the development of Seoul Forest---235.2 billion won to be exact.

It is definitely a park filled with diversity and beauty. Whether you are looking for a game of basketball to play at the sports park or a close-up view of insects in the insect garden, Seoul Forest Park is a place that has you covered. And again, perhaps the best part of all...its size. The park attracts plenty of visitors every day, but fortunately, there is enough room for everyone to spread out and enjoy themselves.


The sports facilities are all concentrated in one area of the park. A basketball court, soccer field, and skate park are a few of the highlights.

Seoul Forest Park's basketball court

Basketball court

Seoul Forest Park's badminton courts

Badminton courts


There are plenty of picturesque spots to shoot in Seoul Forest. For any aspiring photographers out there, bring your camera and plan to spend the entire day shooting and enjoying the park.

Seoul Forest Park

Beautiful fountains


This park has space. Which means...there are tons of great picnic spots. Whether you are with a group, with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or by yourself, there is a perfect picnic spot perfect for your needs.

Do you need something to do while you are lazing about on the grass all afternoon? Stop by the library near the park's main entrance. The park's library provides a small selection of books which you can choose a book from and take with your for the day. Just remember to return the book before you leave. (Yes, most of them are in Korean.)

Seoul Forest Park's picnic grounds

Lots of great picnic spots

Seoul Forest Park's library

The park's library at the main entrance

The Deer

The park's deer are one of Seoul Forest's more popular attractions. Once, visitors could pet and feed the deer. Now, however, they have been fenced in to prevent physical contact with visitors.

Seoul Forest Park deer

Seoul Forest's deer

Sports and Recreation


Photo Gallery

Check out the Seoul Forest photo album to see more pictures of the area.

Extra Info

Need a drink or bite to eat? There are two towering buildings near the sports park in Seoul Forest. You can see them from just about anywhere in the park. They are directly accessible from the park and the bottom floors are filled with restaurants and other stores where you can find food and drinks.

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How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Seongdong-gu, Seongsu-dong

From Bundang Line - Seoul Forest Station (서울숲역):
-Leave through exit 3. Turn right at the first intersection. The park will appear on your right.

Originally posted May 28, 2015
Updated December 21, 2015

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