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West Seoul Lake Park
서 서울 호수 공원


West Seoul Lake Park

Seoul has a habit of turning water treatment plants into beautiful parks. They did it with Seonyudo Park and now they've gone and done it with West Seoul Lake Park.

West Seoul Lake Park opened in 2009 and has since helped to revitalize a struggling community in west Seoul. Instead of destroying all signs of what the site used to be, the park was brilliantly designed in a way that incorporated remnants of the water treatment plant. The juxtaposition is as beautiful as it is interesting. It is a park worth visiting to see its ingenious design if nothing else.

The Scouting Report

The lake in the center of the park used to have a water treatment related purpose when the site was part of the Sinwol Water Purification Plant. Now, it has two purposes. One is to be beautiful. The other is to notify everyone when a plane approaches.

West Seoul Lake Park lies directly under the path of airplanes landing at nearby Gimpo Airport. Whenever the noise from an airplane exceeds 81 decibels, streams of water jet several meters out of the lake from a series of nozzles that stretch the length of the lake.

West Seoul Lake Park

The lake is fantastic.

The park is going to be much more satisfactory for those interested in scenery than those interested in sports. However, the park is not completely devoid of athletics. There is a half court basketball court and a very nice baseball field in the park. The baseball field is an ideal place for watching some of the local talent for free. Games are regularly played there, and the right-field 'bleachers' make for a great baseball-viewing experience.

West Seoul Lake Park

The baseball field.

In addition to the basketball court and baseball field, hidden away at the top of the mountain in the park is a sandlot athletic field. It is basic but has a certain mysterious appeal to it.

West Seoul Lake Park

Play a bit of sandlot soccer.

As the park's main draw is its water treatment relics, that is where you should spend a significant amount of time exploring.

West Seoul Lake Park

Enjoy the water treatment facilities.

Things to Do

Cool Down

There is not much in the way of food or drink at the park. However, there is plenty nearby. It's best to stock up before arriving at the park. Buy a few bottles of water and a snack of your choice at a local convenience store.


Check out the West Seoul Lake Park photo album to see more pictures of the area.



How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Yangcheon-gu, Shinweoul-dong

From Lines 2 & 5 - Kkachisan Station (까치산역):
-Go out exit 4. Take Bus 653 from the nearby bus stop. Ride the bus to West Seoul Lake Park stop. It will take approximately 10 minutes. Walk in the same direction as the traffic on your side of the street. Veer to the right along the first street you come to. West Seoul Lake Park will be on your right.

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Originally posted May 5, 2015
Updated January 5, 2016

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