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World Cup Stadium Park
울드 컵 경기장 공원


World Cup Stadium Park

The area directly around Seoul World Cup Stadium is not officially a park. It is officially one of the parks that make up World Cup Park. However, on a more practical level, it deserves to be a park just as much as any of the other parks nearby.

It may not have much nature, but it has plenty of space devoted to recreation. It is actually a sports and recreation wonderland.

The Scouting Report

The central feature of the park, as the name would imply, is Seoul World Cup Stadium, also known as Sangam Stadium. It was built for the 2002 FIFA World Cup and is currently home to FC Seoul, a professional soccer team in the K-League.

World Cup Stadium Park

World Cup Stadium


Although it is not on an actual basketball court, the basketball games outside the West Gate of the stadium make for a unique, yet good, basketball experience.

World Cup Stadium basketball

The basketball "court" at World Cup Stadium


The park has a very nice futsal complex. There are multiple enclosed fields. The complex gets used quite a bit by local clubs and leagues.

World Cup Stadium

World Cup Stadium as seen from Haneul (Sky) Park


Even though it is not actually part of the park, there is a small mountain adjacent to the park that has nice, short hiking trails.

World Cup Stadium

Hiking on nearby Maebongsan

World Cup Museum

If you're more of the academic sort when it comes to athletics, check out the World Cup Museum on the 1st floor of World Cup Stadium.

World Cup Stadium

2002 World Cup Museum

Things to Do


Check out the World Cup Stadium photo album to see more pictures of the area.

How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Mapo-gu, Seongsan-2-dong

From Line 6 - World Cup Stadium Station (월드컵경기장역):
-Use exit 2 or 3 to gain immediate access to the park.

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Originally posted May 1, 2015
Updated January 6, 2016

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