About Yeonhui-dong

Yeonhui-dong is a residential neighborhood. It offers gated houses, diverse restaurants, a mountain, and a sprinkle of shopping.

It also offers a reprieve from the bland apartments of Seoul. Its houses reflect a quiet wealth that is a contrast to the ostentatiousness that may be found in Sinsa or Gangnam. Although gated, you can peer in and see well-groomed gardens. The hushed streets are great for an afternoon stroll. Afterwards, you can grab some food. Depending on your palette, there are plenty of options.

Food & Drink

Most restaurants and cafes are not cheap. Prices range from fair to a notch below expensive. It reflects the neighborhood.

Cafe 129-11 (Coffee/Brunch)

This cafe offers a standard menu, as well as a brunch until 2 p.m. It is a standard cafe with a great interior. They have an excellent room for studying. What sets this cafe apart is its second floor patio that looks out onto a quiet street. There aren't enough patios in Seoul. So when you come across one, you have to point it out. *English menu available*

Cafe Vincennes (Western/Korean)

Cafe Vicennes is a French-themed cafe. Its menu includes brunch, sandwiches, pasta, and a few Korean dishes. It also has your standard selection of tea, coffee, and juice, as well as milkshakes. The food is mediocre to good. It is the ambiance that makes Cafe Vincennes special. On a warm day, the owner opens their French doors and you can enjoy the quiet streets while eating your food. This is the perfect place to get lost in a book.

They are closed on Wednesdays. In addition, the owner has been known to randomly close shop on various weekdays.

The cafe has been a Seoul Stop favorite for some time. It is especially good if you're looking for some place that is cozy and intimate. **English menu available**

Gala Sushi (Japanese)

Gala Sushi has been a Yeonhui staple for years. It is owned and operated by a man who always wears a flamboyant hat. Their sushi is fresh and delicious. The interior and lighting is unique. If you are in the mood for some Japanese, this place is a must. They do offer a lunchtime special. **English menu available**

Good Morning Hanoi (Vietnamese)

Good Morning Hanoi is a Vietnamese franchise. They don't have too many locations, but their food is fresh and very tasty. They have a standard Pho menu. They also offer fried rice and spring rolls. All the Phos are great. They don't have an English menu. However, they have great service.

Kuchen Brot

Kuchen Brot is the local bakery. They have a standard selection of breads. Prices can be a bit steep, but all their loaves are delicious. The bread is extremely soft and moist. If you are in the area, take the hit and grab a loaf.

Yeonhui Nokdoo Samgaetong (연희 녹두 삼계탕)

If you are unfamiliar with samgaetong, it is a soup that has lentils, ginseng, and a whole chicken. It is considered to be a very healthy meal.

It's great when you are sick or are looking for comfort food. The Yeonhui Samgaetong is a local favorite. Many locals will phone beforehand and reserve seats; not due to lack of seating, but for expediency.

The soup takes a while to make (about 15 - 20 minutes) and Koreans like to be efficient.

Although there are plenty of samgaetong restaurants in Korea, what sets this one apart is the owner. He's there every day, and he pickles his own ginseng. The sides are always fresh and the service is great.

If it's a brisk day or you're feeling under the weather, this restaurant is your best bet.

Fresh Tofu & Rice/Barley (두부요리전문점)

This is a great local Korean restaurant. They have converted a house into a restaurant. They serve fresh tofu (두부) along with rice and barley (보리밥). The tofu is made daily.

Rice and barley (보리밥) is a famous Korean dish. They cook rice along with barley. They serve it in a large bowl. Then you toss in whatever sides that come along with it. The sides along with the tofu are what sets this restaurant apart.

The interior is also refreshing. You sit on the floor and it feels like you are actually in a house. No music is being played; it is a hushed atmosphere. If you are a vegetarian, then you have to check this place out. **Vegetarian**


Saruga Shopping Center

This is an upscale franchise grocery store. They do not have many locations within Seoul. They can be a bit pricey. However, they have certain specialty items that you wouldn't find at other grocery stores. This includes fresh herbs (dill, basil, rosemary, chives), cheese, coconut milk, spices, and other items.

There are also vendors at the front of the store that sell western goods (e.g. sweets, canned goods, alcohol, etc.)

Mirage Shop

Mirage is an excellent women's clothing boutique. They sell goods that are manufactured and designed in Korea. The clothes are of high quality. You pay a little more, but the quality is apparent. If you like fashion, this is definitely a must see.



Yeonhui is the type of place where you begin the evening. After 10:00 p.m. it tends to get a little quiet. This is not to say it completely shuts down; you just may be better served going elsewhere. With that being said, there are a few whisky bars and sake bars. There is also...

The Locker Room

This is a great local sports bar. They have an excellent patio and a great layout. There are enough TV's in the bar for everyone. The domestic beer is priced fairly. The imported beers and bar food can be a bit pricey. The food is mediocre. If your purpose is to watch a game, shoot some darts, and have some beers, then this bar serves its function


Things To Do


A small mountain, or ridge, connects east and west Yeonhui-dong. The mountain only offers one real trail. That trail ends (or begins, depending on your direction) at Gondong Neighborhood Park.

The park offers and elevated view of Yeonhui-dong. The descent from the park is pleasant. It gives you a chance to see some of Yeonhui's houses up close.

Park in Yeonhui-dong
Screen Golf

There are a few screen golf facilities within Yeonhui-dong.

Art Galleries

Scattered throughout Yeonhui-dong are small boutique art galleries.

Art studio in Yeonhui-dong
Baby Photo Studies

Do you have a baby? Want to get his or her picture taken? For unexplained reasons, there are at least four baby studeios scattered around the relatively small Yeonhui-dong.


A Korean neighborhood wouldn't be complete without a karaoke room (노래방).

The Sights of Yeonhui-dong

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