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Yuldong Park
율동 공원


Scout Yuldong Park

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6 Pictures

Yuldong Park is a popular place for bungee jumping.

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Yuldong Park is in a beautiful natural setting.

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Enjoy a cup of coffee next to the lake.

A photo posted by Yoonji Jang (@janghidy) on

Most people enjoy the park more than these two ladies.

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Obviously, there is a rock with antlers.

One of these ducks is not like the others.

There's perhaps no better place to see the sunset in Yuldong Park.

A photo posted by 김덕기 (@kimdukki) on

Whoa! The sky is on fire!

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2 Videos

Every park needs a cute kid.

The surprise proposal.

Aerial view of Yuldong Park.

Trail riding at Yuldong Park.

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