Sangdong Lake Park
상동 호수 공원


For all those skaters and bikers living west of Seoul and east of Incheon, Sangdong Lake Park is the perfect spot to do a little freestyle skating and riding. The skate park is not particularly big or difficult. It is a fairly simple set up. It doesn't have any features that will thrill the more experienced riders, but it is perfect for those closer to the intermediate level.

Sangdong Lake Park skate park



An oval skate track loops around the skate park.


-It is in a pretty lively scene. Feel free to show off a little. If you pull off a new trick, you will be appropriately seen and applauded. If you crash and burn, enough witnesses will have seen it to call for medical help.
-It is very easy and convenient to get to.


-It gets pretty busy. Depending on the time of day you go, you may have to fight the crowds for your turns.

Sangdong Lake Park skate park


Access to the park is free.

Cool Down

There is a GS25 convenience store in the park that is nearby.

Nearby Sports and Recreation

-Children's Playground
-Walking/Running Paths

**Extra** There is an additional skate park underneath the highway near the entrance to the parking lot. If you were to leave the park from the parking lot, follow the highway to the right.

Sangdong Lake Park on the Web

Additional skate park underneath the highway.


How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon-si, Weolmi-gu, Sang-2-dong

Nearest subway station:

-Line 7 - Samsan Gymnasium Station (삼산체육관역)
-Use exit 5. You should be able to see a pedestrian overpass nearby. Use that bridge to cross the street. The bridge will put you into the northwest corner of the park. Find the lake (the park isn't that big). The skate park is on the eastern side of the lake. Look for the basketball courts. It is also next to the them.

Posted April 29, 2015