Unjeong Health Park
운정 건강 공원


There is a small suburb to the west of Seoul called Unjeong. Residents of Unjeong and the greater Paju area have been known to live by the mantra, "Skate or Die". Fortunately, they have an awesome outdoor skate park in which to choose the former option of their mantra. If you, too, are looking for a place to skate in Paju, or more specifically, Unjeong, check out Unjeong Health Park's skate park.

Skate park


-360 degree pool
-Stairs with handrails
-Flat inclines
-Curved inclines


-The scenery is incredible. The skate park is tucked into a cozy corner of Unjeong Health Park.
-The park is very wide open and spacious.
-It has enough features to accommodate beginners and more advanced skaters alike.

Skate park


-It is far from a subway station. It is difficult to get to if you are coming from a distance.
-If you fall and crack your skull, you're on your own. Because of its secluded setting, not too many people pass by. Don't get hurt.



Skate park

Extra Info

-Bring your own skates. No rentals.
-There is no supervision. Skate at your own risk.
-No convenience stores are nearby. Bring a supply of water and energy bars.


-B-Boy Dance Ring
-Rock Climbing
-Walking/Running Track


How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Paju-si, Unjeong-3-dong

Nearest subway station: Gyeongui Line - Unjeong Station (운정역)
-Unjeong Station is the nearest subway station, but it is not exactly near. It is still quite a distance between the park and the station. If you wish to get to the park from the subway station take a look at the map below and use it to navigate the routes.

The better option is to find your way to the park via bus.

Nearest Bus Stops

-Bus stop: Hanbit Maeul 1 Danji - 한빛마을1단지 - ID 31-554
-Buses: 66, 900, 150, 92, 16, 706

-Bus stop: Hanbit Maeul 1 Danji - 한빛마을1단지 - ID 31-552
-Buses: 66, 900, 150, 92, 16, 706

-Bus stop: Gyeonggi Illyeok Gaebalweon - 경기인력개발원 - ID 31-675
-Buses: 10-1, 56, 10, 2000, 2300, 9030

-Bus stop: Gyeonggi Illyeok Gaebalweon - 경기인력개발원 - ID 30-823
-Buses: 10-1, 56, 10, 2000, 2300, 9030

Once you find your way to the park, you will be able to spot the soccer field immediately. There are easily seen rock-climbing walls between the soccer field and the hill. The skate park is next to the rock-climbing facilities.

Posted February 15, 2015