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Pyeongchon Central Park
평촌 중앙 공원


Pyeongchon Central Park Soccer

Are you looking for a place to play soccer in Anyang-si? Do you live in or near Pyeongchon? Have you seen Pyeongchon Central Park? One corner of Pyeongchon Central Park has a plot of land that is used for soccer. It isn't much of an actual soccer field. It's just a spot of packed dirt used for soccer. So why not play soccer there?

The Scouting Report

It's not fancy, but it'll do. The soccer field in Pyeongchon Central Park is a good place to play a casual game of soccer with friends. Provided you don't need grass.


The "field" is actually just a sandlot. Packed dirt. Yep. That's what it is. Wanna play soccer on packed dirt and a little bit of loose gravel?

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Pyeongchon Central Park soccer

There's even spots to sit if you don't want to actually play.

Photo Gallery

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How To Get There

Where: Gyeonggi-do, Anyang-si, Dongan-gu, Pyeongchon-dong

From Lines 3 and 9 - Express Bus Terminal Station (고속터미널역):
-Exit 3. Walk straight for 80 meters. Turn left at the second street.
-Walk for about 400 meters. The park will be on your right. Look for the soccer field immediately.

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Posted December 23, 2015

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