Soongsil Middle and High Schools
숭실 중-고등 학교


There is a fantastic soccer field on the shared campus of Soongsil Middle and High Schools. It is full sized and in an intimate, secluded location.

Close-up of soccer ball on soccer field


-Artificial turf.
-It is well maintained.


-The field is beautiful.
-It has great lighting.

Soongsil Middle and High School soccer field


-It is about a 1.5 kilometer walk from the nearest subway station.
-The field is used not only by the school, but by various local club teams as well. It gets used a lot, so it would be a good idea to come earlier in the day if you plan on getting some turf time.

Extra Info

-There are change rooms and bathrooms located underneath the stands.


-Ansan (Mountain)
-Sinsa Neighborhood Park


How To Get There

Where: Seoul-si, Eunpyeong-gu, Sinsa-2-dong

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Nearest subway stations:
Line 6 - Saejeol Station (새절역):
The soccer field is 1.5 kilometers from the station. Come out of exit 4. Walk straight 70 meters and take a left. Walk for 900 meters. You will take a left at a street named Eunpyeong Tunnel-Ro. Walk straight for 500 meters. When you pass a bus station named Hyundai Apt. Front (Bus Stop ID 12-337, 12-336) you will know you are close. Take a right at a street named Eunpyeong Tunnel-Ro 7 Gil. You will walk uphill past an opera school. Keep going uphill and follow the green fence. You will find yourself in front of a church. The soccer field parking lot is to your right.

Take Bus 7212 or 7715 to Hyundai Apt. Front (Bus Stop ID 12-322, 12-335). From the Bus Stop 12-322 side of the street, walk along the road against the flow of traffic. Take a left at Eunpyeong Tunnel-Ro 7 Gil. From there, follow the same directions above.

Posted January 28, 2015